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SBI International Holding (Uganda), a Leader in the local road construction market, recently got a new Managing director, when Eng. Yaron Dunsky replaced Eng. Shay Cameo whose new duty station is at the head office in Israel.
SBI International Holdings (Uganda) is a local subsidiary of SBI International Holdings which operates in Africa, Europe, Middle East and South America. It has the many capabilities and over 50 years of experience in all fields of construction industry ranging from roads, bridges, railways, buildings, hydroelectricity, dams and real estate construction.
Eng. Yaron Dunsky now shares his experience with The Roads Magazine, SBI-Uganda role in the local road construction industry and its future.
The Excerpts:
What are your impressions of Uganda?
First of all I would like to tell you that for my short stay in Uganda, I am delighted to see the setup of the country – beautiful landscape and the pleasant people of Uganda, who are very hospitable, gentle, kind and welcoming.
Briefly tell our readers about your experience.
I studied civil engineering at the Technology Institute of Israel and I also have Master’s in Business Administration from the United Kingdom. I have close 30 Years ‘ of experience  gained both in Israel and overseas in project management and working in capacity of managing director in the civil construction eventually result in the improvement of the quality of lives of the people of Uganda.
This is because once you have a good transport network everything gets closer and even the remotest part of the country become nearer to the center and markets, reducing transport costs and travel distance s. this is very import for a country like Uganda which is on the truck to modernize its industrial base.

What do you see as SBI’s role in Uganda’s effort to modernize her infrastructure?
SBI Uganda is a branch of SBI international which operates in  Africa, Europe, middle east, and south Africa and ha many capacities and over 50 years of experience in all fields of construction industry – roads, bridges , railways, buildings, hydroelectricity dams , and real estate, among others.
We are delighted to share this experience and skills with Ugandan in a dynamic and mutual cooperation intended to contribute to the country’s development.
What are SBI’s plans for Uganda?
One of our objectives in Uganda is to expand our interests beyond road construction into the fields of water projects, hydroelectricity dams and railways among others and, above all, to continue delivering quality services to the country.
I addition, we are also following the guidelines and vision of Uganda government which was communicated in the last budgets speech. For instance, we are looking into providing the finance mechanism for projects under the newly introduced programmes of Constructor Facilitated Financing Mechanisms (CFFM) and the Private Public Programmes (PPP).
We are studying the mew modalities and look forward to participating in them in addition to the traditional tendering method.

What are SBI’s plans for furthering the partnership with UNRA?
We are providing quality services to UNRA and other clients. Our participation is based on competitive tendering and quality service.
We would also like to stress that SBI has corporate consideration for environmental responsibility where we take environmental issues related to projects in which we are involved seriously and address them. In addition, we also believe that we should train and enhance technical and management capacity of local staff in order to build production capacity of the Ugandan workforce.
SBI has therefore initiated programs to improve technical skills, education level and managerial competence for general and senior management staff in our organizations by transferring and sharing technical and managerial knowhow that has been accumulated in our organization for decades.

What is the major project that SBI is currently working on?

At the moment , the highlight of our work is the construction of major road projects stretching from Eastern border  towns Malaba  and Busia to Katuna and Kisoro on the border with Rwanda, which is part of the Northern part Corridor Project. SBI is constructing the majority of the Northern Corridor. Already some parts have been completed and successfully handed over to UNRA while other sections are in various stages of construction. People are now enjoying better quality of life, easy commuting and shorter travel distances on the completed sections.

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