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SBI International Holding (Uganda), a Leader in the local road construction market, recently got a new Managing director, Eng. Yaron Dunsky (B.SC. ,MBA).
SBI International Holdings (Uganda) is a local subsidiary of SBI International Holdings which operates in Africa, Europe, Middle East and South America. It has the many capabilities and over 50 years of experience in all fields of construction industry ranging from roads, bridges, railways, buildings, hydroelectricity, dams and real estate construction.
Eng. Yaron Dunsky now shares his experience with The Roads Magazine, SBI-Uganda role in the local road construction industry and its future.
The Excerpts:
What are your impressions of Uganda?
First of all I would like to tell you that for my short stay in Uganda, I am delighted to see the setup of the country – beautiful landscape and the pleasant people of Uganda, who are very hospitable, gentle, kind and welcoming.
Briefly tell our readers about your experience.
I studied civil engineering at the Technology Institute of Israel and I also have Master’s in Business Administration from the United Kingdom. I have close 30 Years ‘ of experience  gained both in Israel and overseas in project management and working in capacity of managing director in the civil construction eventually result in the improvement of the quality of lives of the people of Uganda.
This is because once you have a good transport network everything gets closer and even the remotest part of the country become nearer to the center and markets, reducing transport costs and travel distance s. this is very import for a country like Uganda which is on the truck to modernize its industrial base. Read More

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