We specialise in large scale housing and commercial building, construction of roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure related projects.

SBI International Holdings AG (Uganda) is part of a transnational construction and development group.


SBI ( Uganda ) is valued not only for its know-how, efficiency and stability. But also for our working policy that places a high priority on consistent operations, customer satisfaction and commitment, regardless of external changes or upheavals.

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SBI (Uganda) embraces the global trend to enhance quality excellence as its strategic company policy. SBI (Uganda) is certified with ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management.


Current projects

Kampala-Masaka Rd

Design and Build Malaba/Busia-Bugiri Rd

Design and Supervision of Lubowa Housing Project

Reconstruction of Mbarara-Katuna Rd Lot 2

Reconstruction of Mbarara-Katuna Rd Lot 3



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